Where is Antarctica

Of all the continents in the world Antarctica is the 5th largest. It is found at the bottom or south on the earth. It covers the South Pole with a surface area approximately twice the size of Australia. The other continents that are closest to Antarctica are South Africa , Australia and the closest is the southern tip of South America which is only 1000kms away.

The size of Antarctica changes in the winter as the edge of the ice grows around  the coast due to the sea ice. Its size doubles during the winter months. Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent on earth. Blizzards and wind speeds greater than 100km per hour are common as are temperatures below -50degress C. The Antarctica weather is much colder than the Arctic temperature at the north pole. This is because the south pole and its ice covers a large piece of land and is much higher than the north pole, which is a large flat piece of ice with no land that covers the ocean.

The climate in Antarctica is very different from the climate in Australia. Antactica is cold all year round, it is the coldest place on earth. In winter the temperature ranges between -80o– 90o c and in summer the temperature can reach up to   150 c. The climate of Australia is  much warmer and diverse. Australia has deserts, tropical rain forests, temperate rain forests and grasslands.  In the coldest regions of Australia temperatures can reach below zero in winter and temperatures of 50o c have been recorded in the deserts of the outback. Because of Australia’s  diverse climate it also has a greater variety of plant and animal life than Antarctica.

Map Of Antarctica



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